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Ms Christella Antoni

Ms Christella Antoni

Member since: 30/03/2000

I specialize in treating clients with voice difficulties e.g hoarse voice, nodules, vocal cord paralysis, and also work with individuals who wish to develop or modify their voices e.g, to increase projection, vocal stamina, vocal confidence, singing range extension. I work with spoken, singing and professioal voice and have strong, established links with leading Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants. In addition, I am the U.K leading expert in working with transgender voice and am closely allied to medical professionals in this field. I work from 4 London locations, W1G, W.6, SW6, HA2. Saturday and evening appointments available.

Conditions treated
  • Stammering
  • Voice
Age ranges treated
  • Adult
  • Primary School
  • Secondary school and adolescent

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