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Mrs Sangeeta Kad

Mrs Sangeeta Kad

Member since: 31/07/2020

Looking for an experienced Speech and Language Therapist, who is passionate, friendly, flexible and transparent in East, West London And parts of Essex? Sangeeta, also known as Tina provides assessments,client centred treatment plans,comprehensive reporting and bespoke therapy for people a wide range of communication( aphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia & cognitive communication difficulties)& swallowing difficulties. Tina’s personalised Speech and Language therapy programs are not just about restoring your speech, communication,and swallow but restoring your confidence,independence, sense of being, providing practical solutions to everyday challenges. She is experienced in supporting those with acquired and progressive neurological conditions(stroke, brain injury and dementia) as well as learning disability, using a holistic approach, with meaningful goals, improving ones quality of life. Tina has worked in a variety of settings from acute hospital, inpatient rehab and community. She is offering face to face therapy in the comfort of your home or care home as well as Teletherapy personalised to your needs. Tina is an advocate for the vulnerable offering facilitation in mental capacity assessment.

Conditions treated
  • Acquired brain injury (including stroke)
  • Adult language (incl aphasia)
  • Adult motor speech disorders
  • Capacity assessment support
  • Dementia
  • Dysphagia
  • Eating and drinking; feeding
  • Learning disability
  • Motor speech disorders
  • Progressive neurological disorder
  • Stroke
  • Swallowing
  • Telehealth/provision of services online
Age ranges treated
  • Adult

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